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"salsa dancewear"    It’s no secret that in everyday dressing, black is usually most forgiving.  And when dressing for Salsa dancing, the same rules apply.

  1. Dress in dark colors because they’ll usually work best for hiding sweat and any water you may spill when trying to hydrate from all that cardio.  However it doesn’t hurt to add a pop of color hear and there.
  2. Make sure you also wear lightweight stretchable clothing; you’ll be grateful for clothes that breathe and fabrics that are movable help you strike your salsa moves with precision.  However, be aware that Nylon clothing will dry faster than cottons.
  3. Skirts should be worn above the Knee or shorter.  Flirty moveable skirts are best but when it comes to your tops, keep it simple.  Wear short sleeve or no sleeve pullover stretchable tops that are well fitted around the waist.  Long sleeves are a no-no because they tend to get in the way of all that fast salsa movement and may cause you and your partner to disconnect.
  4. Wear shoes that are firm around your feet that also have smooth soles to prevent falls or injuries.  And although we like our heels high ladies, lower heels will allow you to move well during spins.
  5. Last but not least and definitely above all else, remember that all those fast dips and spins may play peek-a-boo with your undergarments ladies, so sometimes briefs under you skirt or booty shorts may be a great option.

That being said, when Salsa dancing, the most important thing to wear is a great smile; which you should have no problem doing when you’re having fun being dipped and spun around the dance floor.
Oh and P.S., … a little deodorant probably wouldn’t hurt!

Take notes, Be Safe, & Live to Dance,

Karol from KEdancewear.com