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ImageThe sport of dance is an underserved market when it comes to the respect of being athletic.  Artistic in its form, it’s beauty for some reason gives cause to negate its athletic respect as a sport.  And the only way this is ever going to change is if men stand up and give dancers the “props” they deserve.  And were talking the macho male types who are too afraid that their macho card will be revoked and red stamped with a sissified label. 

Most respected athletes are in rough and tough sports that encompass the thrill of someone possibly getting hurt with a dominating win factor associated to it. That’s why shows like  “America’s Best Dance Crew” & “So You Think You Can Dance”, and even “Dance Moms” are popular today.   They’re all based on crushing the competition and can be watched in the privacy of your own home. Did I mention, privacy of your own home!  It’s kind of like when men secretly like watching Oprah or soap operas. Their not likely to meet up with the boys and say, “Hey, did you see ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ last night?”  Contrary to the point however, they may be likely to say, “Did you see ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’?”  Because of its street credibility, “America’s Best Dance Crew” has been given a temporary macho pass.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention “Dancing with the Stars”.  While it is drawing a large crowd following and is based on getting a win, the sport of it gets lost in the celebrity politics of it all. It’s almost like learn to dance in 5 seemingly easy lessons on steroids.  And while it’s interesting to see a NFL player take to the dance floor, I think its even more interesting seeing that same NFL player in rehearsals, struggling to keep his stamina up to par with his professional dance coach. “Why are you having trouble breathing… I’m sorry, I thought you were a professional athlete!”  “Dancing with the Stars” is nothing like watching the actual professional ballroom dancesport competition.

Nowhere have I seen this more prevalently displayed than on the dance floor during a professional Latin dancesport competition.  With their muscle and toned definition, their bodies are so beautiful that they look photoshopped; you just can’t believe what you are seeing live and in person.  And the stamina & timing a dancer needs during a performance, matches the stamina & timing needed for a professional NBA player to run up and down the court.  What’s the difference?  The NBA player may be being chased but the dancer has the task of doing it to music.

I say all this to say, until we can get men to put their money towards a dance ticket for themselves, dancers have a slow path to getting the proper athletic respect they deserve.  If men only knew, what they would see at a professional Ballroom dancesport competition.  I mean, don’t they know while their gawking at the images of beautiful women in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition they’re missing beautiful women in “swimsuits” shaking ‘what their working with’ live and in person.  Are they stupid or just stupid for not grabbing up some season tickets to THAT!

While I know being a sex symbol is not exactly the athletic respect a dancer deserves, I do know how to sell a ticket!  Just think of it as baby steps.  Just as a great choir gets the people in the church, and before long the people are getting the real message.  We have to get our men in the seats, and then they’ll start to get the message.


Keep Dancing Always,