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DressFeature-Purple-WPWith the high cost of professional dancesport trainers and competition fees, not to mention travel & hotel cost, ballroom dancers have a lot to handle before they even step out onto the competition floor.  KE dancewear is developing a ballroom dance dress rental site to help ballroom dancers offset the high costs of ballroom dance competitions.  The site should debut some time in June 2013.

However, if you’re in need of a ballroom dress rental today, we will open the vault for you to rent early.  Keep in mind that many of our dresses have never been worn yet.  And, since we’re in the development stages, we may be able to collaborate on a design with you and instead of you buying your ballroom dress for $3500, you can rent it for only a fraction of the cost, often 10-20%.  That’s a huge savings and a benefit often unheard of!  If you’d like to inquire about what we have available for rent,  contact:  info@KEdancewear.com

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