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DressFeature-Purple-WPWith the high cost of professional dancesport trainers and competition fees, not to mention travel & hotel cost, ballroom dancers have a lot to handle before they even step out onto the competition floor.  KE dancewear is developing a ballroom dance dress rental site to help ballroom dancers offset the high costs of ballroom dance competitions.  The site should debut some time in June 2013.

However, if you’re in need of a ballroom dress rental today, we will open the vault for you to rent early.  Keep in mind that many of our dresses have never been worn yet.  And, since we’re in the development stages, we may be able to collaborate on a design with you and instead of you buying your ballroom dress for $3500, you can rent it for only a fraction of the cost, often 10-20%.  That’s a huge savings and a benefit often unheard of!  If you’d like to inquire about what we have available for rent,  contact:

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Style it Up

Style it UpGoing Shopping Anyone?  I’m loving this ensemble.  Here’s a tip for all you ladies wanting to update your wardrobe.  When you go shopping, never go without an image in hand like this one.  It will keep you focused on the right pieces to buy and keep your closet in style making it that much easier to get dressed in the morning because everything in your closet will be fabulous.

So remember, to always have a styled image in hand when shopping.  After all, “fabulosity” is a full time job and how can you do it right without the proper tools.   Happy Shopping,  Until Next time darlings,  Karol

CARRIE ANN INABA Joins USA Dance as Honorary Judge

Carrie Ann Inaba: Notable Jude from Dancing with the Stars

Carrie Ann Inaba: Notable Jude from Dancing with the Stars

Showcasing America’s Top Ballroom, Latin Dancers
JW Marriott Hotel, LA LIVE, April 5-7, 2013

Additional Event Highlights:
CARRIE ANN INABA Joins USA Dance as Honorary Judge
for USA Dance Star Quality Awards

2013 National Salsa Championships,
Qualifying Athletes for The World Games 2013

More than 1,100 of America’s top ballroom and Latin dance competitors will compete in Los Angeles, April 5-7, 2013, at the 33rd annual USA DANCE National DanceSport Championships, organized and hosted by USA DANCE, Inc., the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States, and USA member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). The three-day, continuous dance event will be held at the JW Marriott at LA LIVE in Los Angeles, starting at 8 am until 11 pm each day.

Tickets are available to the general public, and a sell-out crowd is expected to attend. Tickets can be purchased at registration for the day-time sessions, but tickets for the night-time competitions and shows should be purchased online to assure availability of seats. The website is or interested attendees may call 646-734-9666.

The USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships is the official National Championships for Ballroom and Latin competitive dancing, a recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and known as DanceSport. And with Ballroom and Latin dancing popularity at an all-time high globally, the USA Dance Nationals is the most prestigious and largest competitive dance event of its kind in America.

Special attraction at the USA Dance Nationals will be the participation of Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing With The Stars), who joins USA Dance not only as its Official National Celebrity Ambassador, but also as Honorary Judge at the USA Dance Nationals for the prestigious 4th annual USA Dance Star Quality Awards, held on Friday and Saturday evenings.  READ MORE…

BASIC RUMBA by Franco Formica & Oxana Lebedew


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Absolutely loving this Rumba routine by Franco Formica & Oxana Lebedew. Their smooth movements followed by sharp transitions flow like a romantic ballet. And what is great about the video is that they filmed it both from the man’s standing point and the women’s standing point to make it easier for you to learn. Great Educational Video. Two Thumbs Up!

Basic Rumba Education - Ballroom Dance

Latin Motion – Franco Formica & Oxana Lebedew – Basic Rumba Routine

CONTEST: Is this your lucky day


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The United States Dancesport Championships is September 4th – the 8th. And if you haven’t already entered the JORDY contest then what are you waiting for.
Check out all the details on how to get free ballroom dance private lessons with world professional Latin champions Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagourychenko here:

Embassy Ballroom Dance Sport Competition: Aug 30 – Sept 2nd

Latin Dancewear

If your looking for an exciting way to spend your Labor Day weekend, this is the spot. There is nothing like seeing a professional ballroom dance competition. My favorite is the Latin professional show. The costumes are phenomenal and the body on these dancers are “sick”…. in a good way! I’ve never seen so many beautiful people in one space at the same time; it’s like looking at someone who’s been photoshop’d. You’re looking at the dancers thinking… “oh my gosh, this can NOT be real! … look at the definition in her legs!”

Expect to see the Worlds best dance sport competitors with over 30 countries participating.  Every night has spectacular Professional and Amateur events and you’ll see some of the worlds super dance stars this year at the Embassy Ball.

For more info visit:

WHO TO WATCH in Ballroom Dance TODAY!


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Today, we’re featuring Kris Suakjian & Briana Haft. Newbie Professional Dancesport competitors from 2011 who are quickly gaining their veteran status. This 2012 year we have seen phenomenal performances that have got the veteran Smooth competitors trying to stay on their toes. If they can feel the heat, Kris Suakjian & Briana Haft are clearly the reason why. View Kris Suakjian & Briana Haft in motion: and to get a first hand look at what they’re up to visit:

THE IMPORTANCE OF COSTUMES: Interview with Dancing with The Stars Costume Designer, Randall Designs




Costume "Debuts" Down the Stairs

So you’ve given great attention to rehearsing for months and months and you’re ready to perform.  And if you’ve dotted all your “i’s”, crossed all your “t’s” and remembered to check your list twice, then you’ve also been giving your costume the same thought and attention to create a masterpiece as you perform on the dance floor.   The relationship between your ballroom dance costumer and you is one of great importance because you’re being judged from the moment you gracefully walk out onto the dance floor throughout taking your humble bow and exit at the end.  Even the “simpleist” of costumes have taken great time and thought.  There’s a purpose and reason for the madness; I mean magic wands just don’t move themselves.

Today we’re sharing an interview of Randall Christensen, Emmy award winning costume designer regarding the process when costuming for Dancing with the Stars thanks to Devon Poer and Daryl Henderson from The Stylist Handbook.  Take note to what part of the show he never Ever misses!
Click Here for Interview!



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ImageThe sport of dance is an underserved market when it comes to the respect of being athletic.  Artistic in its form, it’s beauty for some reason gives cause to negate its athletic respect as a sport.  And the only way this is ever going to change is if men stand up and give dancers the “props” they deserve.  And were talking the macho male types who are too afraid that their macho card will be revoked and red stamped with a sissified label. 

Most respected athletes are in rough and tough sports that encompass the thrill of someone possibly getting hurt with a dominating win factor associated to it. That’s why shows like  “America’s Best Dance Crew” & “So You Think You Can Dance”, and even “Dance Moms” are popular today.   They’re all based on crushing the competition and can be watched in the privacy of your own home. Did I mention, privacy of your own home!  It’s kind of like when men secretly like watching Oprah or soap operas. Their not likely to meet up with the boys and say, “Hey, did you see ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ last night?”  Contrary to the point however, they may be likely to say, “Did you see ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’?”  Because of its street credibility, “America’s Best Dance Crew” has been given a temporary macho pass.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention “Dancing with the Stars”.  While it is drawing a large crowd following and is based on getting a win, the sport of it gets lost in the celebrity politics of it all. It’s almost like learn to dance in 5 seemingly easy lessons on steroids.  And while it’s interesting to see a NFL player take to the dance floor, I think its even more interesting seeing that same NFL player in rehearsals, struggling to keep his stamina up to par with his professional dance coach. “Why are you having trouble breathing… I’m sorry, I thought you were a professional athlete!”  “Dancing with the Stars” is nothing like watching the actual professional ballroom dancesport competition.

Nowhere have I seen this more prevalently displayed than on the dance floor during a professional Latin dancesport competition.  With their muscle and toned definition, their bodies are so beautiful that they look photoshopped; you just can’t believe what you are seeing live and in person.  And the stamina & timing a dancer needs during a performance, matches the stamina & timing needed for a professional NBA player to run up and down the court.  What’s the difference?  The NBA player may be being chased but the dancer has the task of doing it to music.

I say all this to say, until we can get men to put their money towards a dance ticket for themselves, dancers have a slow path to getting the proper athletic respect they deserve.  If men only knew, what they would see at a professional Ballroom dancesport competition.  I mean, don’t they know while their gawking at the images of beautiful women in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition they’re missing beautiful women in “swimsuits” shaking ‘what their working with’ live and in person.  Are they stupid or just stupid for not grabbing up some season tickets to THAT!

While I know being a sex symbol is not exactly the athletic respect a dancer deserves, I do know how to sell a ticket!  Just think of it as baby steps.  Just as a great choir gets the people in the church, and before long the people are getting the real message.  We have to get our men in the seats, and then they’ll start to get the message.


Keep Dancing Always,