Costume "Debuts" Down the Stairs

So you’ve given great attention to rehearsing for months and months and you’re ready to perform.  And if you’ve dotted all your “i’s”, crossed all your “t’s” and remembered to check your list twice, then you’ve also been giving your costume the same thought and attention to create a masterpiece as you perform on the dance floor.   The relationship between your ballroom dance costumer and you is one of great importance because you’re being judged from the moment you gracefully walk out onto the dance floor throughout taking your humble bow and exit at the end.  Even the “simpleist” of costumes have taken great time and thought.  There’s a purpose and reason for the madness; I mean magic wands just don’t move themselves.

Today we’re sharing an interview of Randall Christensen, Emmy award winning costume designer regarding the process when costuming for Dancing with the Stars thanks to Devon Poer and Daryl Henderson from The Stylist Handbook.  Take note to what part of the show he never Ever misses!
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